About Us and Mission Statement


To combat, offset, and help heal the effects of hunger and food insecurity.

Let no stomach or plate sit empty at my table

The mission is supported by three pillars:




How it got started

The ‘Boarding Axe’ comes in protest to the gatekeeping environment I (Matt) was stuck in at the time. It was my symbolic raising of the black flag. I wanted to do something that could help others. I needed something that I could do to feel good about myself. I have a passion for the culinary arts and it only seemed logical to combine the two. For several years the ‘Boarding Axe Project’ was unofficially kicked around as a placeholder until the timing was right and the mission had become better defined and more clear.

If I were to ever win the lottery, the Boarding Axe Kitchen, Inc. would evolve into a full service food shelf and soup kitchen, supported by a mobile food truck and canteen truck. This would allow for on-site pop-up soup kitchens and food distribution directly to the areas that need it the most. However, I haven’t hit the lottery, so we are here instead. Doing the best we can with what we have while I (Executive Director) work with our Board of Directors to determine how we can have the greatest impact toward our mission.

‘We’ as in the corporation were born out of frustration. Tired of hear ‘what’ all of the world’s problems were, but no offer or effort of a solution. Just the subjection to the social ceremony of verbal pugilism of the proselytizer’s pontifications. I would have been less frustrated if the answer to the questions or problems were sought. Not knowing the answer is fine. We as humans are imperfect beings and answers to the questions such as “How to solve world hunger”, “… bring world peace”, or “… stop human trafficking” are multifaced and complex. However, it causes me discomfort to observe and participate in the finding of problems without at least an attempt at fixing them.

A punk, counter-culture, middle finger towards the white collar corporate environment spurred the planting of our flag in an effort to at least attempt to solve the problem of hunger and food insecurity. Futility be damned for a near incomprehensible scope. It makes no difference in the end whether this becomes the Last Charge of the Light Brigade or the Last Ride of the Rohirram. It is as good a hill to die on as any… I said self-righteously to myself as I typed my information into Legal Zoom so they could file my Articles of Incorporation with the State!

snippet of articles of incorporation that show 'Boarding Axe Kitchen, Inc.' a Vermont Domestic Non-Profit Corporation, effective August 01, 2023.

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Matthew C. Walker