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Captains Log 002 -September 2023 Recap


Wrapping up September

It feels like this month started rolling and never slowed down.

In September we managed to:

  • Pull off our first fundraiser
  • Set-up not only a Square account, but also a bank account and we were able to utilize both. Both of those also offer payroll services that we will look into for the future. We also linked them together to manage funds.
  • I also hit our mile goal every single day of Feeding America’s, Hunger in Action Month’s 30 Miles in 30 Days challenge. Each and every day was a short TikTok video as well so thank you to everyone that follows us there!
  • We held our first board meeting and officially adopted our drafted bylaws.
  • We scouted and have a potential 3 additional board members to continue building a relationship with.
Picture of blackberry lemonade cocktails on bar mats with the bartender clad in a black vest and silver button up shirt in the background.
Don’t mind that this picture of me is an absolute mess as it only features my gut, on of my buttons is undone, and my Dexcom is clearly imprinted through my shirt. This was peak me at Poultney’s Fall Fest 2023. This is also a picture that was taken candidly of me by another vendor, Your Kitchem Mistress, check her out.

Looking ahead to October

With all that being said as we welcome October, there is still much to do. I have to finish drafting the Food Shelf Surveys. This will be a simple questionaire designed to highlight a particular Food Shelf’s largest needs at a particular time. Our fundraiser just came in over our absolute bare minimum success level so we have our distribution funded. Depending on the needs identified by the survey we may combine the two small distributions into one larger one if it makes a larger impact.

We also need to keep sustainability on our mind as well. We have a bank account, and a Square account. Both of those meet our current needs, but what we are really considering is where and how to establish our investment fund. That way proceeds and dividends from investments can grow and increase the amount that we are able to give. In fact our entire plan is to run on a 3-month cycle. Month one, all income DRIP re-invests back into itself to always grow our investments. Month two, pays and contributes towards operational costs. Then Month three is earmarked entirely for mission specific use only. This could be funding distributions, grants, or somehow working towards our mission.

Finally, we are still on the hunt for more fundraisers. There is a chance there may be a Winter Carnival but I would be humbled if we were able to also fund a December distribution.

As always, we are still trying to stay consistent on our social media which can be found on our LinkTree Here, or to see how we succeeded from last month’s goals you can check out our previous month’s Captain’s Log Here!

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