Captains Log 003 -October 2023 Recap


Wrapping up October

Like every other month so far, October flew by way faster than I expected.

We hit a couple of snags, both in fundraising and distributions. Not roadblocks, just a few hiccups to work around. First thing being the potential Decembr fundraiser was cancled which is a bummer but out of our hands. We will simply find another one, but that does complicate the funding we were hoping to achieve for the end of the year distributions.

Speaking of distributions we also hit a snag in donating so a food shelf. We put a lot of thought an effort into deciding which food shelf to help. We had a small amount of funds and were trying to make the biggest impact that we could with it. The first food shelf was one we have donated to multiple times in the past and decided that we needed to expand our relationships beyond our own doorstep. The next three we found online, and appeared to have popped up during the pandemic and then fizzled out because after a slew of unreturned emails and phone calls we moved on, out of county entirely. Only to have another non-response. We reached out to another and we were considering that we just might have to make our tiny donation to simply any food shelf at this point when we didn’t hear back again.

We finally called and kept calling another during their hours of distribution and managed to connect with food shelf number 6 that we reached out to. That’s right, it took 6 tries simply to get a response from anyone. Anyway this story has a happy ending because we were able to make quite a delivery of gluten free items to specifically bolster their stock of allergen friendly foods!


Tonight we were able to go shopping and deliver our donation to one of our local food shelves. This was accomplished from our Fall Fest 2023 fundraiser and we would like to thank everyone who participated and made this possible. we were able to make a lot of allergen safe food available for distribution. #boardingaxeproject #boardingaxekitchen #fundraiser #fundraiserresults #foodshelf #foodpantry #foodbank #community #communitysupport #feedingthehungry #foodallergyawareness #glutenfree

♬ Hustlin’ – Rick Ross

The mixed bag out of all of this is that we may have jumped the gun a little bit. We were planning on the December carnival being a go. We had a theme picked out and coordinated our efforts. Plus we got a sweet deal on a rolling popcorn machine, only, by the time it was delivered we had no carnival to pop corn for.


After two canceled fundraisers and four delivery delays our popcorn machine finally arrived. I promise to try not to turn into a popcorn channel! #itshere #popcorn #popcornmaker

♬ You Spin Me Round – Reflections

Looking ahead to November

November will brings highlight some of the strategic descisions we need to consider as we wrap up the year.

  1. We simply don’t have a lot of money, and although we are packing light there are some logistics that will present some bills. We need to file taxes, and start saving for our web hosting renewal, etc.
  2. We are still keeping an eye out for fundraising opportunities.
  3. Another board meeting is approaching and we have some considerations to make around corporate practices. .

As always, we are still trying to stay consistent on our social media which can be found on our LinkTree Here, or to see how we succeeded from last month’s goals you can check out our previous month’s Captain’s Log Here!

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