Picture of a pair of shoes on a treadmill for the walk 30 miles in 30 days challenge
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Taking Action Against Hunger: Embracing Feeding America’s Hunger Action Month


As September approaches, so does an opportunity to be part of a transformative movement that aims to eradicate hunger in the United States. Feeding America‘s Hunger Action Month Campaign, a call-to-action to join the fight against hunger, aligns perfectly with our values and aspirations (and legal obligations as a non-profit). This campaign urges us to donate, volunteer, and advocate for change, echoing sentiments we wholeheartedly resonate with. Here’s how we’re stepping up to make a difference this September.

Picture of a pair of shoes on a treadmill for the walk 30 miles in 30 days challenge

Embracing the Hunger Action Month Campaign:

Hunger Action Month is a rallying cry for all of us who believe in the power of collective action to bring about change. Feeding America, a network of food banks and distribution centers, spearheads this campaign with a mission to end hunger in America. Throughout September, the campaign encourages people to get involved in various ways: from understanding the impact of hunger in the nation to actively volunteering at local food shelves and advocating for policies that combat food insecurity.

We are located in Vermont and this is an issue that affects even our idyllic state. It was only recently that I learned to what extent. We have such a need that there are some towns that are served by multiple food pantries. So, while by chance we focus on Vermont, hunger and food insecurity is a national and global issue.

The Hunger Action Day: September 15th:

Mark your calendars for September 15th – it’s the official Hunger Action Day. On this day, supporters across the nation come together to wear orange, the symbolic color of hunger awareness. It’s a visual reminder that there are individuals and families facing the harsh reality of hunger, and it’s up to us to make a change. By wearing orange and sharing our commitment on social media, we raise awareness and spark conversations about the importance of fighting hunger.

Linking Arms for the 30-Mile Walk Challenge:

Coincidentally, September not only marks Hunger Action Month but also boasts 30 days. This convergence is the perfect backdrop for the Hunger Action Month 30-Mile Walk Challenge. The challenge invites participants to walk 1 mile per day for the entire month, mirroring the distance many individuals in need have to travel to access food resources. 1-mile is the number the CDC associates with distances for Urban Food Deserts, many families could travel farther and many rural residents may have to travel much, much farther. We’re excited to announce our participation in this challenge as well, taking steps towards a better future for those facing hunger.

Our Commitment:

Just as September embodies a spirit of action, we are stepping up to the plate. Throughout the month, you’ll notice an increase in our social media presence as we use hashtags like #HungerActionMonth and mention @FeedingAmerica to connect with the campaign and spread the word. We’ll be sharing insights, stories, and updates on our journey through the 30-Mile Walk Challenge. By amplifying our commitment online, we hope to inspire others to join the movement too.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us. Let’s unite under the banner of #HungerActionMonth and @FeedingAmerica, igniting conversations and fostering change. As we walk those 30 miles in 30 days, let’s remember that each step brings us closer to a world where hunger is a thing of the past.


Got to it later in the day than I wanted, but September 1st begins Feeding America’s Hunger in Action Month and we are committed to the 30 miles in 30 days challenge. Food banks, shelves, pantries, and soup kitchens need help need help and it has been an especially hard year. Consider donating or volunteering with an organization like Feeding America or Feed Phoenix @Feed Phoenix #boardingaxeproject #boardingaxekitchen #hunger #hungerinactionmonth #foodinsecurity #feedingamerica #feedphoenix #30milesin30days #walkingchallenge #hungeractionmonth2023 #awareness #fyp

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